Picture framing statement pieces for Wow

If you have a big picture that deserves a prominent appearance, you may be disappointed with the bland picture framing options for retail stores. When a new, entertaining guests, wall art is often a topic of conversation. People claim that paintings and photographs, of course. Most of the frames are expensive, but do not offer much in terms of creativity and uniqueness. Below are some ideas on how you can customize your own, make them stand out more and grab the attention of someone visiting your home.

large Borders

Adding a high-limit, you can create a very dramatic effect. By purchasing an oversized frame, and fills the majority of the boundary of space, it is indeed a statement. The limit will attract initial attention, but the photos will draw the viewer. You can go one step further by choosing an unusual color or even minimal geometry. Too high a border or a bright color certainly increase the presence of any photo.

Black-and-white pairing

The juxtaposition of black and white picture framing is a good way to add a pop photos (especially if the image is black-and-white). Determine whether the image shows more black or white, and the opposite-colored border and frame. A black and white photo that is very bright and full of lighter shades stand out beautifully against the black border. In contrast, mostly dark, white border to achieve the same effect. Also, factor in the color of the wall, which then hangs the piece. The white walls and white photograph would make a great mount, while the dark wall mount can be a big white-framed artwork.


If the walls are mostly white, colored border is an excellent way to add a splash of fun for long. Or buy a frame or a pre-painted white and paint it yourself. Depending on how crafty you consider yourself, it can be a good do-it-yourself project this weekend. Not to mention, you will have the opportunity to save money on a painting itself. Observe the colors of the plastic and the color of the wall will sag.

Add accessories

Do not be afraid to use props. You can purchase them in frames supplies in the shops, but be creative and add your own. Make a sharp piece of barbed wire, or ethereal white lace. Since the possibilities are vast, depending on the subject of graphics, you can accomplish a truly unique idea. It also serves as a great do-it-yourself project, recently purchased a frame, or an old one that has lost its luster.

Displaying art in your home enjoyable for guests and residents alike. The photographs and paintings visually stimulating begins, with the help of custom framing ideas that make them to a whole new dimension to your home.

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